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Asisi Panometer Leipzig

The Asisi Panometer, a former gasometer, was built in 1909/1910 and used for storing mains gas until 1977. In 2002/2003, it was extensively renovated and converted into a gallery by the Berlin architect and artist Yadegar Asisi. Panometer is a portmanteau word (panorama + gasometer) created by Asisi to reflect the building’s former and present use. The gallery’s focal point are supersized 360-degree panoramic images, the largest in the world, devoted to infrequently changing themes. The images are staged with lighting and audio effects and allow the viewer to experience unique natural landscapes such as the Great Barrier Reef or a site of historic significance. Since January 2017, the Titanic disaster has been showing at the Panometer, allowing you to dive down to the wreck, which lies, broken into two parts, at 3800 metres’ depth.
The artist’s intention is not to draw attention to the sinking of the Titanic, but rather to highlight man’s arrogance in the face of nature.  
These panoramas will transport you, your employees and guests to a different world, providing both a relaxing and stimulating contrast to your regular conference programme.

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